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Tim Coleman is a sage in the world of trials and enduro, boasting an impressive 15+ years of experience. And he doesn't stop at that. He still actively participates in trials competitions and enduro races around the world and constantly refines his art of two wheeling in the most gnarly and technical terrains one can possibly ride in. He also coaches students around the world and does motorcycle stunt shows!


Born in Glenmaggie, a magnificent rural part of Australia, Tim was destined to explore it by becoming a motorcycle rider. He started young when he just turned four years old. His initial choice of two-wheeling was motorcross. He loved it and practiced every day on the farm where he was living. Soon, however, the young motorcyclist discovered the art of mototrials and that led to a total immersion into the sport for the years to come.

Trials gave Tim a chance to discover and conquer a much wider range of obstacles and more gnarly terrain that his birthplace was flourishing with. Being able to hone his trials skills by leveraging all this natural goodness, the young athlete soon started to win one trials event after another. His talent was noticed and Tim Coleman became a member of national Australian team competiting in Trial des Nations

Challenged by the rest of trials wizards at Trial des Nations six times gave an increddible opportunity to Tim to learn from the best in the sport and to incorporate many tricks into his own riding style. He continued to push his limits by everyday trials practice and by participating in as many trials competition as possible. Victories started to line up. Just in 2015 Coleman claimed Indoor X Trial and Victorian Trial championships.

In 2014 Tim decided to get on an enduro bike only to quickly realize that this type of riding was also very appealing to him. All that wealth of technical skills acquired and polished in his trials career were seamlessly transferred to the new sport. He didn't wait and tested his enduro skills in 2014 Wildwood Extreme Enduro, the toughest enduro race in Australia. The young wiz had to run against such international enduro stars as Graham Jarvis and Ben Hemmingway. Although Tim came fifth, it was a spectacular result for the rider who just discovered this type of competition. 

While still actively participating in many trials events and enduro races in Australia, Tim Coleman is also planning to compete in the world toughest extreme enduro challenges, such as Red Bull Romaniacs or Erzbergrodeo.




What to Expect?


There are many motorcycle riders out there who have never experienced a ride on a trials bike, let alone lessons to make the experience more valuable and feel like you have achieved new skills. Our property in Glenmaggie is one of the best trials and enduro riding in Australia. Endless amounts of tracks and obstacles to work on throughout the course.  Starting off with the basics of bike setup, making sure your handlebars and levers are all adjusted to suit your style.  We then fuel up and head down to the gully for a bit of a trail ride to the outer part of the property to get familarised riding a trials bike.  

Technics used in the offroad course include the following.

Balance -Balance is definitely a big help progressing in off-road


Clutch control- Learning to smoothly operate the clutch


Brake control- Learning to feather the brakes is very important in off-road


Cornering- Learning to lean the bike over with weight distrubution and knee positioning will allow smoother faster cornering.

These few basic learning techniques are all slow speed riding and not dangerous. You will begin to feel more at home once you have covered a few basic skills.


Once you feel like you’re ready to progress we can then go and work on other skills such as; cornering on hills, rocky creek crossings, steep descents, banks and logs.   Each session is flexible and tailor made to suit your level of skill and what you want to take away from it. I will teach you what you want to learn!  After having some time on the bike will boost your confidence so we can then work on the proper technique of riding obstacles.

Depending on your level of skill you may have already mastered the basic techniques of basic trials and offroad riding.  If you are a more experienced rider and want to progress in certain techniques, we will be able to work to your skill level and focus on what you want to learn throughout the day on many different terrain types we have available, from beginner to Expert we have it covered.

If you want to work on just Enduro techniques we can, I will be able to see your skill level after a basic ride. Clutch control, brake control, and then progress into learning the proper way to ride over logs and obstacles.  Many riders are hitting logs with no technique and scraping over with just the help of the throttle, this is fine but if you want to reserve energy and feel more in control with a bit of style then I believe it is important to master the correct way,  especially if you are wanting to progress in hard Enduro and Enduro X.  Pivoting the front wheel is a common technique to work on to get you around those hard sections in seconds, with numerous switch back scenarios to get you thinking.  After learning a few techniques, we can then work on nose wheelies and wheelies.  There are endless amounts of tricks and techniques that can be taught.  If you want to go fast 5th pinned up a road and jump 100 feet then this course is not for you.  We emphasise the importance of technique so you can hit the trails with your mates and feel you can get up that hill climb or jump that log without any problems.






Tim Coleman was born and bred in Glenmaggie with almost 1000 acres of private land, absolutely magnificent motorcycle country, everything to offer for an off road rider. This includes hills, rocky outcrops to creeks.  Being such an awesome location for off-road riders, it has held the traditional Glenmaggie Easter trial since 1962. A family property that has been operating for over a 100 years, the farm has been through some Intense bushfires turning the property into what looked like a war zone.   Riders such as Shane Watts a World Enduro champion enduro rider has held off-road schools at our property and was really impressed with all the different types of riding available ''so much variety on the colemans property it really is unreal" says Watts.

Situated approx  213km north east from Melbourne CBD, just less than 3 hours to drive to the most picturesque riding locations in the county backing onto the great divide range. We have a great camping spot available, so if you want a riding weekend getaway we have plenty of space for you to set up your equipment and enjoy the open space.  If camping is not your style we can offer you accommodation on the property or the nearby small timber town of Heyfield is a 15 min drive which offers pubs, shops and accommodation.




If you are wanting those fine skills tuned Tim can offer a day out at Oakleigh motorcycle club, being so close to Melbourne CBD we have a playground that is ready to go. Everything to offer in 5 acres, Logs, rocks and all sorts of obstacles to work on.  Great for those who dont wish to venture too far from melbourne.


You know a Location?


Whether it be NSW, SA,QLD, Europe or Asia not a problem. With great support in all these locations we have access to property to use.  Even if you know of a location that would be great for off-road riding we can certainly look into running a coaching day there.



Any rider ability we cater for in a coaching course, from beginner to expert.

Available during the week and weekends (not all weekends)

We can work with you to suit what would be best whether it be a 1 day course,

2 day course, or if you want up to a week that can be arranged, especially if you’re a rider from overseas.

At the start of the day you will ride some basic lines we make, then at the end of the course you will go back and work on these lines and you will notice the improvement.


Trial or Enduro?

  If you have an Enduro bike or trials bike, bring that along so we can work on those techniques.

If you do not have a trials bike we can offer you a Beta trials bike to use, (will need at least a weeks’ notice if needing a trials bike) learning on this will give you more confidence when you hit those obstacles on your enduro bike. We like to mix things up with both bikes so you can learn a lot more.


All rider levels

We welcome all rider abilities, beginner to expert. Also young kids who are starting out and need to learn those basic skills from throttle and clutch control. It is important for kids to get to some skills before they go out and start any competition riding.


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